Thank you for stopping by. I am pleased to meet you. I am a food and portrait photographer based in Brevard County, Florida. I have been photographing pretty much anything that catches my eye for over 20 years. I am always photographing food much to my husband’s dismay, especially when we are out on a date. There is something so appealing to the eyes by a well-styled dish. We also have boxes of photographs of our travels when the kids were young. I have always said that time cannot be recycled. If I can help capture that moment in time through my lens, that for me, is priceless.

I am a Science geek as I am a teacher by trade; love to travel, massages, and of course, eat! I would be honored to help you make your tasty creations visually appealing to your customers and capture special moments for you and your family to remember precious moments by.

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